Retractable Insect/Bug & Garage Door Screens

Retractable Screen Doors

Screen doors are the perfect solution for letting fresh air into your home while keeping unwanted critters out. Their design is simple — a door with a screen — but there are a variety of types available, and one of the coolest and most functional is the retractable screen door.

Retractable screen doors roll out when you need it and retract away when you don’t. Our screen doors retract discreetly away when not in use giving you a clean, unobstructed view. Whether you have a single door or French (double) doors, our Michigan retractable screen doors keep the bugs out without compromising the view and allowing the fresh air in!

Don’t really like the idea of adding another door? A retractable door solution might be just what you need.

Double French Door Screens

Double French Doors are a wonderful concept and a great addition to any home. However, as most can attest to, French Doors cannot be screened with conventional screens without having to take away from the look or function of the doors and without impeding your view. For the discerning homeowner, this has been a big problem until the invention of the ClearView Retractable Screen Door. With ClearView Retractable Screens, you will get the fresh air and still keep all the pesky bugs out.

Whether it’s an in-swing or out-swing French Door, ClearView Retractable Screens mount discretely on to the frame of the door. Our ClearView French Door Retractable Screens silently retracts out from both ends to screen your entire door opening. With the optional pin-lock installed you can operate the ClearView screens independently or just use the one side to come in and out of your home.

Once installed, our ClearView Retractable Screens for French Doors will allow you to maintain the aesthetics of your doors and at the same time bring the sights, sounds and smells of nature into your wonderful home.

Most French Doors swing into the home. ClearView Retractable Screens will allow you to open your doors fully and truly enjoy fresh air. When you are done with the screens simply disengage and watch the screens as they retract discretely and smoothly back into a protecting housing and disappear out of view. Once stored and out of the way, ClearView Retractable Screens blend into the door trim and mouldings. ClearView Retractable screen for In-Swing French Doors are designed and installed with esthetics and functionality the forefront.

The big issue with out-swing French Doors is that most homeowners don’t want a conventional screen door swinging and flapping inside their home. Conventional screens on out-swing French Doors considerably diminish esthetics and function. ClearView Retractable Screens are invisible and so once installed, simply retract your Clearview Screens when you want the ventilation and watch them disappear out of the way when you’re done. Without a doubt our Clearview Retractable Screens for out-swing doors will make you wonder why you waited all this time.

Retractable Screen Doors Made in the USA

Made in the U.S.A. – Made to Last!

Designed by ClearView, our retractable screen systems are constructed using heat and U.V. resistant nylon components. When you combine this with our powder coated finishes, you have a system that is designed to stand the test of time. We also have a variety of screen alternatives and frame color options to choose from so that you can match your home’s unique decor.

Our screen systems are made in the United States. This gives us the ability to provide our customers with a product that they can depend upon and the customer satisfaction that they deserve.

Clearview Internal Latch
ClearView's internal door locking latch
Phifer Mesh-Screen Example
An example of Phifer & Twitchell mesh
Michigan Retractable Door Screen Frame Colors
Our frames are thick gauge aluminum coated with the highest quality powder coat to resist cracking and fading.
Clearview End Cap
Our retractable doors are made with heat and U.V. resistant nylon components.


Our screens are available in the colors below. Custom colors and wood grain finished are also available by special order.

tan screen color
dark brown screen color
Dark Brown
off white screen color
Off White
champaign screen color
white screen color
old-brown screen color
Old Brown
black screen color
Navajo screen color
grey screen color
bronze screen color
dark green screen color
Dark Green

Customized for Your Home!

Our retractable screen doors are custom built for your home and are designed to be mounted on the surface or in the recess area of any door. This allows us to ensure a proper fit for almost any doorway. Give us a call at (586) 596-0335 or send us a message to discuss your unique needs. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

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