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Retractable Screens for Outdoor Spaces | Michigan Pest and Shade Solutions

Enjoy the great outdoors every day with our range of retractable screens. Create privacy when and where you need it and create an outdoor living space that’s comfortable and functional all year round.

Have you ever sat in your garden, on your balcony, or on your porch and wished for more privacy? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to stop bugs from ruining a relaxing evening, or protection from the sun. Retractable screens solve all of these problems and more, transforming any architectural opening into a more pleasant, comfortable and functional living space.

Why Choose Retractable Screens For Your MIchigan Home?

Retractable screens, also known as motorized screens and patio shades are a type of fixed screen that can be used to screen and shade your exterior living space at the touch of a button. They are one of the most versatile home improvements you can make and you’ll wonder how you got by without one. Here are just some of the many uses they have to offer.

Create a Shaded Haven For Relaxation

Retractable screens are the perfect way to create shade when and where you need it. If you don’t use your porch or deck for part of the day because it’s in full sun, a motorized screen will provide welcome shade. What’s more, the mesh construction allows air to flow through so you could find you need to use your air conditioning system less.

Add Privacy Where You Need It

Michigan motorized rectractable screens

If your porch, deck or patio can be overlooked by neighbors or seen from the street, retractable screens are the perfect solution. They allow you to create privacy when and where you need it. Throwing a dinner party? At the touch of a button, your screen will roll down to create an intimate dining space and all the privacy you need.

Transform Your Garage Space

Bring in the breeze without bringing in the bugs. A motorized screen on your garage will transform your space into a private, shaded area where you can work, play, or just enjoy the great outdoors without the pests. If you use your garage as an entertainment zone, a retractable screen will keep your guests cool and insect free.

A Room For All Seasons

Many Michigan homeowners only use their outdoor spaces for half of the year. Full sun, strong winds, and dusty conditions are year-round problems that can stop you from enjoying the exterior of your home as much as you’d like. Motorized screens create a room for all seasons and allow you to use your patio, deck or porch throughout the year.

Seamless Design and Convenience in One

If you are worried that patio shades and retractable screens will ruin the look of your home, don’t be. Every screen is perfectly customized to your property, designed to merge perfectly with your decor and the integrity of your architectural openings. From archways to garage door openings, your screen can be recessed from view and completely hidden until it is activated.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors No Matter What

When the summer weather rolls around, you want to be able to open up your home and let the sun and cool breeze in. But with the more pleasant weather comes some unpleasant factors, such as high heat, bugs, and humidity. If you close your doors and windows a lot throughout the year, you’re missing out on some serious outdoor fun and relaxation. Don’t let the spring and summer go to waste.

At Shock Screens, we specialize in retractable screens and helping homeowners across the region to enjoy the great outdoors no matter what. To find out more about our screen and shade solutions, contact our friendly team today.

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