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Designing Your Patio Enclosure With Motorized Screens

Rochester Hills, Michigan-motorized screens-patio enclosuresOver the past few years, there has been significant growth in popularity of motorized patio enclosures for outdoor living spaces. The patio screens’ popularity has continued to grow exponentially for a good reason. Not only do they create an inviting and comfortable covered outdoor space, but they also add your patio’s appeal, boost the aesthetic and improve on functionality.

To create a fully functional and usable outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy at any time of the day, regardless of the season, you need motorized patio screens. This guide will walk you through why you need porch screens and also help you learn how to design your patio enclosure with porch screens.

How Do Motorized Patio Enclosures Work?

Porch screens add a barrier between the outdoors and your home. Depending on the fabric used or mesh, the screens can be used to extend the use of space, control the temperature or improve the general aesthetic of your home.

You can add patio screens to your Rochester Hills home as aftermarket or at the time of build since they are very customizable in almost any space. They can also be installed in many openings that allow light and air to flow, such as windows and doors.

The best part about them, especially when it comes to enclosing patios, is that you can use them in place of a wall. Outdoor screens combine materials such as vinyl and mesh to create the perfect balance. They offer climate control, let in fresh air, and help keep your outdoor space usable all year round.

How To Select The Right Motorized Screens For Your Home

Patio screens usually come in varieties, meaning you will always find something that offers you the aesthetics and functionality you want for your space. From sliding screens with stopping points to retractable screens with clear vinyl, there will always be an option that works well and adds to your home’s design.

With so many options, it can be overwhelming to choose. So here are the benefits you should have in mind when shopping for a motorized screen.

Privacy When Necessary

When looking for a patio screen, consider one that offers you privacy when you need it. If you have neighbors around, motorized patio enclosures can help you make your outdoor space more personal.


Once the temperatures drop, the patio becomes a no-go-zone for many homeowners. But with patio screens with clear vinyl, you can get extended use of your deck as they provide more protection from weather elements, debris, and bugs. They also help control temperature keeping the cold out during winter and the heat during summer, not to mention they are energy-efficient.

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Extended Usable Space

Outdoor patio screens are an excellent option for anyone looking to extend the usability of their outdoor living space. Although it’s possible to get the same effect from modular cabanas or pergolas, screens help you maximize the already existing ample space on your house’s structure.

Motorized patio enclosures offer a seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors so that you can make the most out of your outdoor space.

Porch Screens: The Answer To Designing An Outdoor Oasis

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