Retractable Insect/Bug & Garage Door Screens

Insect Screens Versus Solar Roll-Up Screens

Rochester Hills Motorized Solar ScreensMotorized retractable screens for porches and patios are fun to operate. They easily appear and retract when no longer needed with a touch of a button.

Insect and Solar roll-up screens are the most common motorized retractable screens for enclosing dining or outdoor living spaces. They provide natural ventilation, shade from the sun, climate control, enhanced privacy, and protection from insect bugs.

Here are the benefits, differences, and similarities between insect and solar roll-up screens:

Insect Screens

Insect or bug screens are insect mesh screens usually installed indoors and in window frames. They are an effective countermeasure that lets us maintain an open-door policy. Insect screens are available in different colors and mesh sizes, including varying material construction.

Here are the benefits of insect screens:

  • Keeping mosquitoes and other insects out of buildings or patios
  • Reducing UV radiation by 65% and glare, keeping the indoors cooler
  • Enhancing natural airflow and breeze into homes and patios
  • Providing excellent outside visibility to keep you enjoying your view
  • Enhanced daytime privacy

Solar Screens

Rochester Hills Motorized Insect ScreensSun or solar screens are mesh screens used for door and window screening and porch, pool, and patio enclosures. Solar screens are often tightly woven material that dramatically helps save energy.

Solar screens offer the following benefits:

  • Blocking up to 90% of the sun’s heat for cooler indoors
  • Preventing fading of furniture, carpets, and other interior items
  • Reducing glare by up to 77% for more UV protection and shade
  • Keeping mosquitoes and other bugs out
  • Creating a climate-controlled space for a heated or air-controlled patio

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are the third type of commonly used motorized retractable screen system. They are decorative screens that offer privacy and security for a specific area. These screens can be made from various materials, including metal, plastic, or wood.

Moreover, privacy screens are often used to hide unsightly areas, such as air conditioning units. They can also help create a private space in a backyard or on a deck or patio.

What are the Differences between Insect vs. Solar Roll-Up Screens?

Both insect and solar roll-up screens have their pros and cons, but there are a few key areas in which they differ.

1. Material Used

The main difference between bug and solar screens lies in the materials used to make the membrane. Bug screens are traditionally made with a mesh fabric, while solar screens are made with a semitransparent film.

Insect screens use a looser weave that allows more air and light to pass through. In contrast, solar screens use tighter, darker weaves designed to block solar light and heat.

2. Ability to Block Heat and Sunlight

Solar screens are better at blocking heat and sunlight than bug screens due to their darker and tighter woven materials. They effectively reduce the amount of heat that comes in through the window, and they also filter out harmful UV rays. Bug screens are not as good at blocking heat or sunlight, but they do keep out insects and other pests.

3. Functionality

Insect screens are typically designed to keep insects out of your Rochester Hills home or patio. They also keep the area cooler as they block sunlight to a certain extent by 65%. On the other hand, solar roll-up screens are engineered to help save energy in your home by blocking about 90% of solar heat and light.

Solar screens usually work better in areas with direct exposure to the sun to prevent excessive heat from entering your home or patio. As for bug screens, you can install them anywhere.

4. Price

Solar screens are typically more expensive than bug screens, but this can vary depending on the type and quality of the screen you choose. Solar screens are made with heavier and more durable materials, so they typically last longer than bug screens.

5. Installation and Mounting Options

Solar screens can be installed inside or outside the window, while bug screens are typically only installed on the inside. Besides, solar screens have different mounting options such as screws, staples, or Velcro. As for bug screens, they are typically attached using screws or staples.

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